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We're here. We care. We listen.
Talk to someone to support your mental wellness

Have a face-to-face video call with a qualified listener to release your stress 

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30 mins to voice your thoughts to a trained listener and gain a different perspective

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How it works

How a Talklet session works

1. Quick Sign up

Set up your account --

name, username, & email!

2. Book a Session

Choose a Talklet listener based on your availability and preferences.

3. Talk to a Listener

Have a face-to-face Talklet session over our video platform.

What people say

Our conversation was really directed and I'm glad [they] could help me make a decision.

- DH, February 2020

Our Unique Features




—  Name, Title

Talk to a listener anywhere without long waits.

It's a chat,

a little talk!

$30   $15*/session

*COVID-19 Limited time offer

Unique Features


Traditional ways of accessing mental health support are tiresome. That is why we're offering a more convenient alternative to improve your mental wellness.


Through our easy-to-use web app, you can choose a Talklet listener who can jump on a video chat with you.


Our sessions last 30 minutes and we have many sessions open after working hours, which means you can take a break during the day to talk to our listeners or have a session before or after work.

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