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Are Short Single Sessions Enough?

Most of us are used to mental health consultation sessions that last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and happen over the course of months if not years. However, each Talklet session lasts for 30 minutes. In addition, while we encourage our users to use Talklet as much as they need it, each session is independent. Here is why.

Our Model

Talklet’s model is based on a successful program being implemented in a plethora of universities around the nation. These sessions are discrete, focused, and can last anywhere between 10--30 minutes. The adoption of this program in universities across the nation, including our own at the University of Chicago, shows how impactful this model can be.

In addition to lowering the barriers to accessing mental health services by being suited to jam-packed schedules, there is ample evidence suggesting that short single-session interventions can be helpful to those who are not experiencing severe mental health challenges. For instance, Schleider et al. published a meta-analysis of single session consultations, and found that those who receive such interventions had a 58% higher chance of having their symptoms improve over those who did not take part (1). They found that single sessions worked especially for decreasing anxiety and addressing behavioral problems.

Moreover, according to a New York Times article, a recent study concluded that 78% of the patients who were part of the study and had consulted a mental health professional only once stated that they got what they wanted within the first session and felt better about the problem (2).

We understand that short and discrete sessions might not solve all your problems. But that is not the goal. Our goal is not to confront the roots of your problems or work through your past history.

The goal is for you to gain immediate and valuable insights on a specific stressor and to come out of each session with actionable steps that can make life a little better. Shorter interventions are in particular helpful for simpler problems which makes Talklet sessions appropriate for addressing day to day stressors. Even if you learn that you need further support, Talklet’s providers will be there to guide you in the right direction.

By Feven Jembere


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