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Talklet is a mental wellness platform that connects qualified listeners to people who want to talk and feel heard.

Our mission is to make mental wellness more accessible so that

people can live their best life.

We believe that you deserve to get value out of every encounter with a listener, even the first session and that the best way to do that would be to focus each session on the problem at hand.


Talklet's sessions are based on the problem-focused model. This model has been proven successful in 100+ universities across the nation. Because of their effectiveness and popularity, many universities are switching their mental health services to this model.

We believe such an effective model should be accessible by everyone and we're bringing it into the mental wellness space. That is why we are building Talklet.

Who we are

We are students and alumni from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, brought together by the shared passion to make mental wellness more accessible.

Why we built Talklet

40% of people in the United States experience mental health symptoms like stress, anxiety, or burnout but do not experience symptoms severe enough to cross the clinical threshold for diagnosis.

Based on our own experiences, traditional therapy is expensive with long wait times, and more importantly, is not suited for the needs of those who are not facing severe symptoms. Unfortunately, there are currently no easily accessible and affordable services that this 40% can use to improve their mental wellness.


Talklet fills this gap by providing a supportive space for you to talk with our listeners who are ready to support your every step toward improving your mental wellness.

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