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Talklet listeners are students at top-ranked schools of social service.


They are qualified to listen and guide you through your thoughts and feelings.

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Professionally trained in Master's social work program

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Katy McGee

Master of Social Work candidate at the University of Chicago 

2nd year student Clinical Concentration

What inspired you to be a Talklet Listener?


I remember being an undergraduate student and while I had a supportive group of friends and family members, I wish I'd had someone familiar with my school's environment but still able to provide me with objective advice or listening ear. Sometimes it just feels great to vent and be listened to! I was inspired to become a Talklet Listener to provide a safe space for students during times in which they need one.  

Katy's Top Tip to Combat Stress:


Find a self-care activity that works for YOU, whether it be napping, exercising, painting, cooking, journaling, or snuggling up with tea, a blanket, and Netflix...or something else! Find what helps you rest, relax, and feel joy. 

What is the most valuable skill you've learned as a Social Work student that will make you a great Talklet Listener?


In my program, we learn a basic and valuable skill called active listening.  With active listening, we listen to understand as opposed to respond. 


We learn to listen with the intent to grasp what the other person is saying, and as you’re responding to them, using those questions to help deeper your understanding of what it is they’re saying. Active listening helps create a sense of security and safety within the conversation.

Zakiya's Top Tip to Combat Stress:


I take a self-compassion approach -- be kind to myself when I’m not in the space to perform at 100%. We're human; we make mistakes; we can’t do everything. Just because we're not able to do something that day doesn’t mean we're not capable, it just means that day wasn’t the best day to do it. 

Zakiya Harris

Master of Social Work candidate at the University of Chicago


2nd year student Clinical Concentration 

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