Frequently asked questions

What does a Talklet session look like?

After booking a session on our webapp with a Talklet listener based on your availability and preferences, you get to talk with your listener for 30 minutes on videochat.

Is Talklet therapy?

No! Talklet is not therapy, nor are we a replacement for therapy. We do not offer long-term mental health services. Talklet is an informal conversation between an individual and a Talklet listener to talk through a specific topic. Whereas therapy lasts for 6 or more sessions, Talklet’s conversations are self-contained in one session. Talklet is a low-commitment introduction to mental wellbeing.

Who are Talklet’s listeners?

Talklet’s listeners are training at top-ranked schools of social service. This allows us to offer our services at a significantly lower rate while providing high-quality sessions. Currently, all our listeners are from UChicago School of Social Administration.

What does Talklet mean?

It’s a coined word we thought of that embodies what we offer. Talklet serves as an outlet for you to talk with a qualified listener about anything on your mind. It’s an informal conversation, or a “little talk”!

How long is one session?

Each session is 30 minutes. If a session turns out to be shorter, we would still consider it as a full session.

Can I choose who to have this conversation with?

Once you're made an account, you will be able to see the dates and times when our Talklet listeners are available. You can then choose which listener that best matches your schedule.

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